Almighty Father™


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Almighty Father™
The Grafton Memoirs
A Study of Memory, Death, and Reunion

John Grafton

A search for the real man behind the legend created by Ayn Rand, written by his son.

Born in a railway car high in the mountains of North Carolina at the turn of the twentieth century, John Grafton Senior rocketed to fame as a right-wing lawyer dedicated to protecting the high and mighty from the encroachments of the poor and downtrodden. This story, written in the form of an autobiography of his eldest son, explores what that drive to power did to the people around him, especially his wife and children. A sensitive, introspective young man growing up in the shadow of a distant and powerful father, the son struggles for love and recognition, becomes psychologically involved in his father’s sudden and unexpected death, eventually attains maturity on his own.

Almighty Father
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