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General Systemantics Press is proud to present:

Elegant Parenting

Strategies for the 21st Century
A Seminar with Beth and John Gall

Tired of saying, “No!” to your child? Tired of bribes, gold stars, and time-outs? Confused by long lists of Do’s and Don’ts in child-rearing? Then…

You’ll welcome the new world of Parenting Strategies!

This is a Parenting Book unlike any other. It contains descriptions of the powerful human relations strategies used by therapists to facilitate change in their patients, presented in ways that make them easily usable by parents in dealing with their children.

The revolution in psychotherapy is more than thirty-five years old. Why shouldn’t parents have the benefit of this revolution? Use these marvelous skills and methods for child-rearing.

What is a strategy? Here is an example:
Cheryl has found a way to get her toddler daughter to enjoy a diaper change. Before she discovered this strategy, Cheryl (and her husband Steve) were constantly chasing Anna saying “Stop, Come here! It’s time for your diaper change!” Anna would run away, resist being picked up, and fight being changed. Now Cheryl simply dances backwards with her arms outstretched in invitation. Daughter Anna runs to her, and Cheryl backs away, still inviting, until they are in Anna’s bedroom. Anna happily allows herself to be picked up and changed as a part of this game.

Here are some of the more than sixty specific
intervention strategies presented in

Elegant Parenting:


F Playing the Resistance

F Restraining a Change

F Selective Blindness

F Plopping on Their Perch

F Making it Mom’s Thing

F The Less and Less Desirable Alternative

F The Flaky Parents’ Club

F Using Your Weakness

F Stretching the Little Old Umbilical Cord

F Providing a More Horrible Example

F Messing up the Sequence

F Shaking the Foundations

F Encouraging a Regression

F Future Pacing

F Contaminating the Metaphor

F Hidden Symmetry



Meet the Authors:

John and Beth Gall

John Gall, M.S., M.D., F.A.A.P.,
was a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan. He has retired from a private practice of Pediatrics in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Beth Gall, R.N., M.A., C.P.N.P.
(deceased), was a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Until her retirement she was in full-time practice with her husband. John and Beth have two married children and currently have two grandchildren.

“. . . will become required reading for my population of parents.”

Edward M. Schwartz, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Psychology
Child Clinical Psychologist,
University of Michigan

“Revolutionary in its approach, it makes so much sense that one wonders how come all of this has not been said before.”

Rachel Persico M.S. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Michigan

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Elegant PARENTING measures 8.5″x 11″ with large print, 40 illustrations, a list of all strategies, and complete references and appendices. The book is bound with a beautiful color gloss cover and printed on acid-free paper. 1994.

The Systems Bible™. 3d ed. 316+xxv pages. 2002.
ISBN 0-9618251-2-X (Hardcover)
ISBN 0-9618251-7-0 (Softcover)

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