The Underground Text of Systems Lore
How Systems Really Work and How They Fail
by John Gall

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GENERAL SYSTEMANTICS™ PRESS is proud to announce the revised and much enlarged Second Edition of SYSTEMANTICS™, THE UNDERGROUND TEXT OF SYSTEMS LORE. Six years in preparation, this Second Edition is more than twice as large as the first, with 24 completely new chapters for a total of 36 chapters covering the entire field from the PRIMAL SCENARIO to the FAIL-SAFE THEOREM and including the celebrated definition of GARBAGE that is fundamental to any real understanding of SYSTEMANTICS™. The FIRST EDITION of SYSTEMANTICS™ was “highly recommended” by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Science Books and Films and has since been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Japanese. The SECOND EDITION has been favorably reviewed in the Whole Earth Catalogue (1986) by Kevin Kelly: “The author is having fun with a serious subject . . . insights come in the form of marvelously succinct rules of thumb, in the spirit of Murphy’s Law and the Peter Principle.” And Computer Book Review (April, 1987) remarks, “From ‘Function-and-Failure’ to ‘Management and Other Myths’, here’s a collection of witty observations… grown into mature rules of thumb.”

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